PWN YouTube

Ever want to watch a lengthy series of YouTube videos in a row?  Wish you could capture your favorites like Charlie the Unicorn and Peanut Butter Pit Bull on your hard drive forever?  Ready to finally know the secret on how to download YouTube videos?  Well, now with the newest and greatest pwning tool, you can do just that!  Get ready to start downloading You Tube videos with PWN YouTube!  There are three absurdly easy ways you can download videos from YouTube using PWN YouTube.

1)  View a video on YouTube. In the URL location box, type “pwn” in front of youtube and enter. Will look like this –  A download box will appear, all you have to do is select ‘download’ and its yours forever, no copying or pasting necessary.

2)  Visit the PWNYouTube website and type in the address of any website containing a YouTube video to download the video from that page.

3)  Download PWNYouTube’s bookmarklet (bookmarklet – basically a small program that runs from your bookmarks folder).  Click the bookmarklet when you are on any page containing a YouTube video you would like to download and it will automatically start pwning YouTube.

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  1. jon says:

    where do u downloade?????

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